This fantastic initiative proposes to take the awareness about various things to the underprivileged students of the nation! A lot of third world countries have student population who don't go for higher studies and they are deprived of quality education. While the youth who is enjoying quality education is unaware of the opportunity this showcases in front of them to take lead and make a difference.

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The objective of this initiative is to ensure the educated youth volunteers take initiative to spend their efforts and time on making the underprivileged students of government schools (in country like India, where a lot of govt schools have low quality education) aware about:

1. Basics of health & hygiene
2. Basics of computers & internet to help bridge the digital divide.
3. The opportunities in higher education and the diversity offered today and motivating them towards higher studies/education.
4. Pushing them towards better positive attitudes &
5. Motivating them to play a role in curbing anti-social activities like dowry, caste system etc.

Agenda can be modulated according to the allotted time and gathering. While including subject teaching and other special coaching is an additional thing we look forward to.

We also achieve the goal of inspired youth - for this fantastic activity builds confidence in them by making their self esteem get a boost, as they see their words making an impact on the young minds of the country and they can forever look back at this activity as an asset of their past, which made a difference in the progress of their nation.
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